Finding free places to overnight in your RV

In April , a Portsmouth, Va. Police in Amherst, N. You just to need to use common sense and look around the surrounding neighborhood as well. The location has a lot to do with the safety factor. If there are lots of other nice stores nearby, the police will be around. If there are bars on windows nearby, the police will also be around but you shouldn’t be. It is all about what you are comfortable with yourself. We have stayed in Walmart parking lots across the country and never felt unsafe.


This is the largest RV park that we have stayed in. It was better than we thought it would be. The spaces are fine, all gravel with a cement pad. There was room behind our unit to play a bit with our dog. Out side the park you could walk your dog in the desert for as far as you like.

Free RV camping at Walmart has become a way of life for many travelers. They are the national leader in welcoming RVers to come spend the night with them. They are the national leader in welcoming RVers to come spend the night with them.

Thanks for sharing this great information. Sue We have a Winnebago Itasca very good condition looks good. Some campgrounds have discriminated against us staying at their campground because our unit is too old. Anything over 10 years is consider out of date. Some of these campgrounds should take a look at what they are offering, which is not much. So far we have been very lucky at Walmart, rest areas and truck stops.

RamingtonStall Given the fact that payments can go on for 20 years, those campgrounds are idiots. Remind us not to bring our short bus! Looking forward to hearing how it works for you. Cathy R We need to raise awareness about how much money we spend in a RV friendly community. Personally I boycott such areas by simply rolling on.

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Both parks offer functional and convenient amenities that ease the demands of everyday living. Nice place,large RV spots and fair monthly rate. Stayed here for several months while on a traveling job with my husband. Overall we liked this RV park and felt safe… Staff was nice and put in a new meter for me and that made the power bill even higher.

Shop for Additional RV Accessories in RV Parts & Accessories. Buy products such as Camco 28″ RV Refrigerator Bar, Holds Food and Drinks in Place During Travel, Prevents Messy Spills, Spring Loaded and Extends Between 16″ and 28″ – White (3 Pack) () at Walmart and save.

In nearly every case, these RV facilities may be used by Elk Members in good standing only. A very few of the Elk-owned RV parks are open to the general public; these usually have a discounted nightly rate for Elks members. E, the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks. The few Elks-owned RV parks that are open to the public will be in dark green with dollar signs to indicate the price range, like other publicly-accessible RV parks and campgrounds.

As of mid-February, , we have about Lodges listed in the database. Only 1, more to go! Consequently, we do permit RV parking on our store lots as we are able. Permission to park is extended by individual store managers, based on availability of parking space and local laws. Please contact management in each store to ensure accommodations before parking your RV. Therefore, this store no longer grants permission to RVs or to trucks to park overnight. There are far too many RVers who believe that they may park at any Walmart for as many nights as they like, and that they don’t need permission to park there.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. Due to abuses like those described above, more and more municipalities are making it illegal to sleep in an RV unless you’re in a licensed RV park or campground.

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In April , a Portsmouth, Va. Police in Amherst, N. You just to need to use common sense and look around the surrounding neighborhood as well. The location has a lot to do with the safety factor. If there are lots of other nice stores nearby, the police will be around. If there are bars on windows nearby, the police will also be around but you shouldn’t be.

How to Boondock at Walmart by Did the farm have RV hookups? Brent May 03, Hey thanks for the info everone, we are about to head out for a first trip in September from Vancouver Island to San Franisco and back. Then next year winter off on a retirement full time cruise, down the coast to LA then across to South Padre Island.

We travel from Canada to the Mexican border every year and Walmart is one of our first options for an overnight stop, not only because it is free but also we can stock up on groceries and anything else we may need along the way. Walmart always has a huge parking lot so it is easily navigated and a spot is always waiting. As we discovered a couple of years ago when we had traveled too late into the night and were too tired to search for a free spot to stop. We saw an RV park sign on the freeway, we pulled off and headed for the park.

It was too late to check in, the sign said register in the morning so we slept for a few hours. Remember to update your GPS soft were. It seems there is a movement by some municipalities, cities and counties to discourage overnight parking in Walmarts along with other free stops. Some areas have gone so far as to pass laws and city ordinances prohibiting overnight stops.

In my opinion, this is counter productive to the areas that have passed these laws. I believe that most retired RVers would do the same, probably leaving the entire area. RVers are creatures of habit and if we find a good spot to spend the night we may use it year after year. I am sure that I am completely correct in stating that the majority of RVers that spend the night at Walmart, more often that not, shop in the store.

The revenue is no doubt spread through the area in the form of wages, building fees etc.

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Selling 2 lots together. The lots at Mountain Falls are your choice of 1, 21 or along with Riverbend All lots are large and include deluxe improvements:

The frequently asked question below is from the Walmart Corporate website regarding RV parking at Walmart stores.. Question Can I park my RV at a Walmart store? Answer While we do not offer electrical service or accommodations typically necessary for RV customers, Walmart values RV travelers and considers them among our best customers.

The word boondock originated early in the 20th century from American military servicemen serving in the Philippines. It comes from a Tagalog word for mountain, bundog. They started using it to mean a rural, remote, bushy area. So if you were going fishing in your truck camper to a remote National or State Park, when you got there you were camping in the boondocks. Since you had no hook-ups, but were self- sufficient, you were boondocking.

Then some people noticed that while they were driving for several days to get to the boondocks, they could save some money by staying overnight in the parking lot of a WalMart. Since they had no hook-ups and were self-sufficient, they said they were boondocking. After a while people saw that they could save a lot of money by not staying in RV parks and so they started planning their trips around WalMart stores, staying in their parking lots most nights of their trip.

WalMart thought it was great. They picked up a loyal group of shoppers who obviously had extra disposable income. They were losing a lot of business. So they approached the local city council and lobbied them to make boondocking sleeping overnight in an unapproved place illegal in their city. The cities wanted to protect the RV parks since they paid a lot of taxes on their land and income, and passed ordinances making boondocking illegal.

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Updated on July 30, more I am an avid RV enthusiast who understands that my life and my safety depend on the condition of the equipment in my coach. Want to use it to get out from under your rent or mortgage payments? You should know that there are ways to drive away from these expenses if you own a motor home, trailer or camper, are willing to live in it year round to save money and do not mind traveling from place to place.

If so, you might just find the answer to lowering your expenses right here! Living without paying any rent is possible for anybody who owns a motor home or camper.

Below is a map that shows the location of Walmart stores where overnight RV parking is not allowed. The map is interactive so you can zoom in closer for more detail, select a marker for store information, or select the “View larger map” icon at top-right to open the map in Google Maps.

Try base jumping off the Perrine Bridge, or just watch the amazing action. Schedule your tee time at one of our beautiful local golf courses, or book a white water rafting trip or go kayaking down the snake river. Go rock climbing, 4-wheeling, fishing, hiking or just take in the breathtaking views. Visit the ancient Indian Ice Caves, and view the scenic Hagerman Valley and indulge in the hot springs. Remember, we are only 83 miles from Sun Valley with all the summer fun and winter skiing action you can handle.

There is so much to do and see in this amazing area you will definitely want to book a few extra days to stay and enjoy! Grass and trees sites with picnic tables. Free WiFi, 9-star rated tiled restrooms, laundry, and RV supplies are all on site. Easy to find right off Highway 93, daily, and weekly rates are available. Long term rates subject to availability so plan ahead! Coming soon new additional supersites for big rigs! Just outside of Twin Falls off Highway 93, the park was spacious, with nice sized pull throughs, and a super clean bathroom and shower.

Love traveling in the US with their free showers! The lady was very nice and provided a map with some suggestions for dinner and led us to our spot.

Finding free places to overnight in your RV

Cary Park Amenities Our park offers these amenities for your convenience to make your trip to the Monterey Peninsula even better. The park provides cable t. Free Fast Wifi We’ve been told that our wifi is faster than most other RV Parks, so when you’re sitting back relaxing, you can be sure to get online. Lush Serene Setting Our grounds are professionally landscaped and maintained.

Walmart has welcomed RVers for many years, graciously allowing overnight RV parking in their parking lots. There is no official corporate policy regarding overnight parking at Walmart. Instead, they leave it up to the individual stores to determine whether they will allow travelers to .

Propane, pool, park model rentals, clubhouse and activities. Exit 58 on I-4, 3 miles east on Shaded and sunny sites with beautiful views from Mouse Mountain. Super restrooms are squeaky clean! Complete facilities with a pool, rec hall and activities. Close to all attractions. Amenities include a heated pool, kiddie pool, cafe, general store, shuffleboard, horseshoes, volleyball, game room, wireless hot spots and more!

Vacation cottage rentals available. Enjoy a family-themed weekend or go for a stroll to Old Town. Tropical Palms is far from the ordinary but close to the magic. Resort cottage rentals are also available! This is definitely a family-friendly park, so bring the kids! Sites for RVs, motor homes, campers and tents. After a busy day at the parks, come home to this beautiful KOA.

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I love the camaraderie, adventure, and relaxed nature of RV life. If you’re considering the RV lifestyle as a full-timer, part-timer, weekend warrior or if you’re just curious, be sure to check out the links and resources here. There’s no place like home Wednesday, April 9, Let’s all dump

Wal-Mart Camping! It’s not my favorite place to shop or stay, but it is a great option when you can’t make it to your destination and you just need some shut-eye.

Posted on Sunday December 14, Douglas Keister provides us an informative and entertaining History of RVing in this one-hour documentary. The windshield wiper system may have been incorrectly installed, causing the wipers to fail during use, reducing driver visibility. What ever you call it, lots of RVers have spent then night in places other than RV parks and campgrounds.

There’s an old RV joke about asking permission. The guard says no. The RVer asks how about all the other RVs parked there. The guard answers, ‘they didn’t ask. If you see other RVers there it’s probably okay for you to park too.

Overnight Camping at Wal-Mart is Free